Bucketman - Coloring your City

Game Infos


"BucketMan - coloring your city" is a mobile game for Android and iOS.
The game is developed by Felix Butzbach and it uses OSM data for the maps.


In the near future all vehicles (cars, motorcicles, trucks, ...) have an artificial intelligent steering system to support the humans while driving and they were called AIVs. One day there was a global malfunction and all vehicles disconnected from their servers and started driving without control of any human. From now on the only thing they were up to was driving around as much and as fast as they could.
This led to an ever increasing amount of dust and air pollution what finally resulted in grey and dirty cities all around the world.
And than, one day, one hero came to bring back the colors to the cities of the world,
He will fight back the AIVs and discover a dark secret, that unveils a hidden connection between the AIVs and an organisation that operates in the underground with just one thing in mind: money!
Help Bucketman on his fast and unbelievable journey to free the people that are scared of the uncontrolled AIVs on the streets of their home towns.


In the game you control the BucketMan with a joystick to collect water and paints and to avoid the AIVs (Artificial Intelligent Vehicles). You can jump over AIVs and you can throw your collected paints to paint the AIVs which makes them harmless, because Bucketman can see them and avoid colliding with them. You can unlock super paints that make you "Hulk" and then you can kill the AIVs and get, depending on their colors, rewards. During the game you can exchange the water and paints for skills (speed, jumptime, ...) and features (Time for lifes, Super paint schindel, ...).
There is always a timer running down and you need to collect water to reach the next stages, where you get new time. Killing AIVs also gives time.
There are two principal game modes: Missions and survival. In the missions you have to do tasks (like jump over 8 AIVs, paint some AIVs in certain colors, kill a certain number of AIVs in a specific color, ...) and to follow the story (which is not implemented jet).
In the survival maps you simply have to ... survive. Here you can collect water and paints to make the Bucketman better. There also exists a global leader board for the mission maps, where its about the highest score. Beside the mission maps you can also play in various online maps or in a map of your current position (if there is an internet connection and a GPS signal found).
You can upload your current position map and share it with your friends, to see who is king in your neighborhood.
You can see a map of all uploaded maps here.