Bucketman - Coloring your City


I had an idea of a mobile game and when I asked some agencies how much it would cost to make this game I decided to do it myself. This was about 6 month s ago and now I have the open beta version ready in the Playstore.
The idea for the game came when I was stuck in the traffic and from that moment I could not stop thinking about it. Because I did not have any thing else for to do, I started some research and found, that there is no game similar out there. Therefore I got deeper in the process of developing a game for a mobile device.

I first tried to make the game with GameSalad witch produced first results, but I was not flexible enough to dynamically load the maps and extract the raw data that I use to build up the grip on which the AIVs and the Bucketman walk.
Then I found corona and I am in love with it since then. Well, there are problems and things that needed to be worked around but in the end I was able to do the game like I wanted it to be.
Another problem that I needed to solve was: where to get the maps from?
Well, there is google maps and there is OpenStreetMap. And because I needed the raw data (koordinates of streets and crossings and everything) I did not have to think to long to use OSM.
And so on and on and on...(Bought a designer, worked like hell, bought webspace, worked like hell, ....)

Now I am at a point where I hope that the game will get some attention and maybe even bring a little (or all) of my invested money back to me. I have no idea if this is realistic or not, but as I spent the last twelve months for this it would be really great.
Also, if the game makes some money, I can upgrade my corona licence and would be able to include native libraries and thus could include on device rendering what would open the doors to so much more possibilities.

And who am I?
I am Felix, born in 1984 and from Germany. I studied (and finished) engineering physics, fell in love with a Brazilian woman and are now living in Sao Paulo. I do skateboarding, kitesurfing, snowboarding, and I am learning surfing (waves). I like programming, Punkrock, DnB and electro. Jep, thats me...